Carl und Richard Müller establish the felt and plush factory in Fulda that is converted into a public limited company in 1889. This is the beginning of a success story. From the very start, felts are produced in various qualities. In the early years of the company’s existence, the wool felt was already a very up-to-date material – and this is still the case today.


As the majority shareholder, Christian Wirth takes over the factory. As a visionary entrepreneur, Wirth provides the company with the decisive impulse for the further dynamic development of the company. Christian Wirth completely focuses on technical innovation and customer-oriented diversification – and the market proves that he is correct.


In 1951, the public limited company is converted into a “GmbH & Co” [private limited company]. At the beginning of the 1950’s, Filzfabrik Fulda builds up the industrial manufacture of cut and punched products and expands its product range to include coloured decorative and design felts.

Since 1955

…Filzfabrik Fulda has been an OEM supplier to the German automotive industry and provides famous suppliers with tailor-made solutions for insulation and noise protection as well as technical applications in the field of filtration and as support materials. Amongst other areas, the areas of application for “Made in Fulda” felt are the engine area, the vehicle interior and the boot. Therefore, felt can be found in all important areas of cars as well as in applications for the polishing, sanding and cleaning of the car exterior.

Since 1958

… Filzfabrik Fulda has been manufacturing premium nonwovens. Initially, this was only for the garment industry. Today, nonwovens are also used in various technical applications: The automotive and filtration sectors and nonwovens are also used as a technical material as an application in various industrial branches in Germany and abroad to name a few examples. A product group that reaches out to more and more people.

Early 1960’s

Filzfabrik Fulda launches a composite undercollar felt onto the market that is substantially easier for the garment industry to process than the undercollar that had been used up to this point and which also makes a huge contribution to the good fit. After beginning to work with needled felt technology, 1962 marks the year where Filzfabrik Fulda markets the first needle felt flooring to be produced in Germany. This product is a lasting success and is now available in six standards and 121 colour shades.


Filzfabrik Fulda produces the first synthetic filter media for the environmentally-friendly cleaning of gases and liquids. As a result, Filzfabrik Fulda assumes a leading role in the field of products that protect the environment and health – a sector that has since expanded substantially.

Since 1970

The product range is expanded with cut and punched products manufactured from materials such as form, cork, rubber and plastic. In 1975, the serial production of synthetic filter media foam the filtration of liquids in vehicles begins.

Since the 1980’s

Filzfabrik Fulda has recognised the growing significance of technical textiles and made an early decision to become a specialist provider of technical solutions in the field of nonwovens. Thanks to a clear focus on research and development, the company is able to refer to long-standing and successful co-operation with companies from the automobile industry, from the field of machine and system construction as well as many companies from many branches of industry.

Since 2000

In the years 2003 and 2004, the company proves to be the innovative leader in the sector of needle felt floor coverings. Needle felt floor coverings from Filzfabrik Fulda win AIT Innovation Awards. In 2006, the needle felt floor covering is the first product of its kind to be nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.


... sees the creation of the FFF group of companies in which Filzfabrik Fulda, FIR Fulda in Italy, Felt Industries in France, M & K Filze in Spalt, Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG in Giengen and WIRTH Fulda merge. At the Techtextil exhibition in 2011 the group makes its first public appearance as such. The FFF GROUP stands for a strong community with a shared passion which is nonwoven materials and felt! It is a specialist in the field of nonwovens and a leading supplier of technical textiles for the development of intelligent solutions. As the world's biggest producer of wool felt, the group has in total over 450 years of experience in more than 80 branches of industry.

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